Rise C-Suite Programme


A dedicated programme for women making the transition into senior leadership 

The Rise C-Suite Programme is an intensive, residential workshop designed to accelerate your progress to the C-Suite, within the company of other women from across media technology.

Expertly facilitated by the leading career consultancy, Birdsoup, the programme will allow you to discover how to master impactful communication, navigate your life and career in the face of senior demands, make stakeholder management work for you, and authentically become the incredible senior leader that you have the potential to be.


Join us in 2025

The inaugural edition of the Rise C-Suite Programme took place 23-25th January 2024. You can register your interest by filling the form linked below in order to be informed when the following edition is scheduled.

What skills will I learn and how will I use them?


As our careers progress things often feel overwhelming and we’re tempted to take a step back. It’s not easy to manage a successful job and a busy schedule but there are things you can do. Moving to senior leadership presents new demands, so making sure you have powerful strategies in place from the beginning can ensure a smoother transition and get things off to a great start.

In this session, you will learn these tools, plus focus on your goals and objectives and your future plans - and understand where compromises can be made so that you can balance everything as effectively as possible.


Everyone knows that highly effective communication is integral to good leadership, and that poor communication is deeply problematic for organisations. It’s easy to acknowledge but often difficult to develop.

You will take a deep dive into your own preferred communication style and understand how that impacts on others. You will also find out how to flex and influence colleagues with different styles. And, we will explore confidence and the ways in which we can feel undermined or self-sabotage, and how to overcome that. By the end of this session, you’ll be armed with the knowledge and tools to help you deal with anyone!


The move to a C-Suite role means that the number of stakeholders you need to manage and influence explodes, but approaching this in a structured way is often neglected, yet is such a powerful move.

During the programme you will look at your internal and external stakeholders and learn a number of practical tools so that you can develop a plan to manage them effectively.

You’ll leave with the beginning of your stakeholder
strategy and the tools to take with you back to your day-to-day life.


No one becomes a senior leader overnight and truly feeling comfortable in your new skin takes time, and practice. Lots of people ignore this but with some reflection and focus on understanding yourself, combined with a plan, you can orchestrate things much more closely.

Across the two days, you’ll understand where you currently are and identify where you want to be as a senior employee. You’ll also discover more about strategic networking – an essential tool for the C-Suite. Once you’ve identified where you rock and where you have gaps, you will learn how to practise becoming the leader you have envisioned.

Who are Birdsoup?

Birdsoup was founded by Jo Hind and Alison Wilde in 2017, with the mission to make inclusion a business-critical issue; to help organisations put their people first and harness their untapped potential.

Jo and Alison met when they worked together as part of an all-female management team at AOL. Not only was this very unusual at the time, but for them, it proved to be a life-changing experience.

Between them, they have held senior leadership and C-Suite roles across the media industry, including at ITV, AOL, Dentsu, Omnicom, Channel 4 and Google; and they are also both working mothers. They understand the challenges people (and specifically women) can face at this level in business, and they are expertly positioned to lead this new programme for the women in Rise.


"Packed with creative, strategic and practical action and thinking, AND led by two fabulous and talented coaches who really understand women and careers, it helped me bridge the gap between where I am now as a leader, where I want to get to, and how I can build upon my skills to achieve it."


Become a Rise Member

Membership to Rise is free and is open to everyone working across, or aspiring to work in, the broadcast and media technology sector.

As part of our community, you will be invited to all of our networking events / conferences / panels, as well as be asked to nominate your colleagues in our annual Rise Awards.

Each member is invited to apply for our annual Mentoring Programme and we are always looking for volunteers for our Rise Up Academy programme and for contributors to our reports too.

Please follow our social media channels for the most up to date and relevant news – we can’t wait to see you soon!