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Tools for Change Workshop

When: Thursday 7 November 2019 from 9:30-16:15
Where: Vubiquity, 3 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2AQ

A free, one-day workshop for the broadcast technology community. Join us to learn further skills and tools to enhance your working life.

Programme overview

From understanding your personal brand to getting to grips with financial spreadsheets, these focussed and interactive sessions will ensure you leave feeling positive and armed with new ways of progressing your working life and career.

We welcome all people who are those working in the broadcast technology sector to sign up for this insightful workshop.

9:30-10:30“At My Best.” Tools for change from Positive Psychology – the science of flourishing
Paul Conway, Successful Humans
10:30-11:45Building your career resilience
Jo Hind, BirdSoup
12:00-13:00Understanding Company Finances
Emma Baker, Baker Accountancy Services
14:00-15:00Are you selling or underselling yourself?
Sallee Poinsette-Nash, Brandable & Co.
15:15-16:15Career Crafting. How to take ownership of your career
Penelope Jones, career coach and consultant focused on making work better for women.

Session details

“At My Best.” Tools for change from Positive Psychology – the science of flourishing
Presented by: Paul Conway, Successful Humans

Since the inception of Positive Psychology in the late 90’s, a significant evidence base has emerged, helping us learn how to realise more of our potential, live happier, more fulfilling lives, cultivate societies that flourish, and become more successful humans in all aspects of life.

During this interactive session, you will:
– Learn about key concepts within positive psychology
– Engage in fun, evidence-based activities, and learn how to apply practical insights from peer-reviewed studies to boost your wellbeing.
– Discover how to approach challenges you face using the abundance of psychological resources and strengths you already possess.

Building your career resiliencePresented by: Jo Hind, BirdSoup

The workplace in 2019 is a really challenging place to be, there are no longer jobs for life and the future of work will bring unprecedented change in terms of automation, job design and how long our working lives are. We’re facing an unprecedented period of economic and political uncertainty, and an always-on email culture is causing stress and anxiety.

A YouGov survey showed that 51% of full-time UK employees said they had experienced anxiety or burnout at work, 1 in 5 days off are stress-related and UK productivity is lower than before the financial crash.

In this session, we’ll look at what individuals can do to improve their resilience at work. A growing body of evidence shows that individual resilience is a good predictor of job performance, job satisfaction and employee psychological well-being.

We will cover:
– What factors are within your control?
– Why is resilience important in the workplace?
– What resources do you have and where do you need to build?
– What is your mindset and how can that affect your resilience?

We’ll look at some theory, do some activities and send participants away with a few tips and tools to help them counter stress and thrive rather than just survive when faced with uncertainty in the workplace.
Understanding Company FinancesPresented by: Emma Baker, Baker Accountancy Services

The session will look to provide you with an understanding of Company finances, in particular covering the key parts of the financial statements and management accounts that are prepared for a Limited Company.

It will be a useful session in becoming more effective in managing your own company’s finances when the time comes but also assessing other Company’s when considering credit risk and purchasing decisions.

The presentation will be followed by a question and answer session and topics covered during this can be raised in advance through the booking form.
Are you selling or underselling yourself?Presented by: Sallee Poinsette-Nash, Brandable & Co.

Come face-to-face with the awkward (and somewhat cringeworthy) task of self-promotion with one of the UK’s leading female brand experts, Sallee Poinsette-Nash.

In this fast-paced, interactive session you’ll explore how a personal brand can support, align and accelerate your career journey. You’ll discover that there’s an advantage in authenticity and you’ll leave feeling more confident, energised and ready to take action.

The aim of this session is to ensure that you’ll never want to undersell yourself, your abilities or your potential ever again!
Career Crafting. How to take ownership of your careerPresented by: Penelope Jones, career coach and consultant focused on making work better for women.

In this practical and interactive session, you will identify your career ‘North Star’ and some actionable steps you can take right away to get you moving in the right direction.

The need for adaptability and flexibility in our careers has never been stronger, but without an understanding of what success means to you, it’s easy to find yourself playing a passive role in your own career, or taking the scenic route when a more direct path was just around the corner.

This workshop will help you clarify your own definition of success and the short, mid and long term goals that will get you there, leaving room for serendipity and chance in the exact route you take.

It will encourage you to think about the future you want, even if you don’t have all the pieces in place yet, and give you practical tools to manage the challenges you might encounter along the way.

We will cover:
– Career vision vs career plan
– Your definition of success
– What’s holding you back, and what can catapult you forward?
– Bouncing back
– Today’s actions toward tomorrow’s vision

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