In 2017, Rise conducted a survey which had 100 respondents – it covered what women wanted from a group as well as outlining the number of women in the sector and if anyone received treatment that wasn’t appropriate. Some of the results included:

  • 70% of respondents said that their company’s working practices could be improved for women
    Over half of the respondents said that they had been subjected to actions or comments in the workplace that would be seen as non-supportive for females
    69% of respondents said there are 25% or less females in their business
    Only 1.18% of companies (taken from NAB exhibitors) have a female CEO
    15% of respondents had half or more females in their senior management team and 60% of respondents noted that females in the senior team were a minority

As we know, the broadcast sector is predominately male and it is clear at events like IBC or NAB that there are women in some roles but the representation is minimal.

  • The Missions
    To raise the profile of women within the sector to encourage younger women to join or feel that they can progress and break the glass ceiling
    To work with manufacturers to highlight the issues and help them to promote a diverse workforce
    To work with industry associations to gain traction and give credence
    To become a platform for smaller groups or individuals wanting to promote female diversity
    To support groups promoting other diversities