Rise Up is an exciting new industry-led schools outreach programme. It inspires and educates children about engineering and technology opportunities in the broadcast, media and entertainment industries.

How it works

Rise Up is a programme of school workshops delivered throughout the UK to inspire children throughout their primary and secondary education. Crucially, it will enable industry to remain in contact with students and encourage them to consider a broadcast engineering apprenticeship or degree, when they reach this level.

Why Rise Up is needed

“In order to fully achieve a gender balanced workforce and also to ensure more broadly that there is a pipeline of diverse talent coming into the industry, we believe that this work needs to be undertaken,”

Carrie Wootten, Rise Director

With universities struggling to recruit both male and female talent in broadcast engineering related courses, the industry is increasingly facing recruitment shortfalls across the whole sector.

Rise has been working with universities and key industry partners to investigate and address the lack of new talent entering the broadcast technology sector, specifically engineering and technical operational roles.

Rise Up was born from a roundtable event with five key industry partners: BT Sport, Sky, db Broadcast, EMS Technical Personnel and the BBC to address this issues, including looking at barriers to entry, struggles of recruiting talent for courses, and what the industry can do to actively change the current talent shortage.

From these discussions, it was clear that action needed to be taken, to encourage young talent from an early age. And what better way to do this, than to let children get hands-on with broadcast equipment and experiment in making their own show – and all in in the school environment. By reaching out into primary and secondary schools, Rise Up gives children a practical chance to find out more about engineering and technical roles as potential career paths.

The pilot programme

BT Sport Chief Engineer, Andy Beale ran a test workshop in a primary school near Reading. Tied in closely to the stage 3 STEM curriculum, this hands on one-day event gave students access to broadcast equipment. This gave them the chance to learn technical and engineering skills and showed how STEM subjects link with real world careers.

Over the course of the day, students built a studio and then recorded a fun quiz show dubbed, ‘Rise Up’. We received hugely positive feedback from the event; with some students saying that they aspired to be engineers when they grow up.

Getting in and getting on in the industry

Rise Up aims to inspire and inform young people on career opportunities in broadcasting engineering and technology. We have caught up Nikki Lushington and Ella Ozsanlav from Timeline, c/o BT Sport to find out more about their work and how they broke into the industry.

Nikki Lushington is a Lead MCR Engineer at Timeline, c/o BT Sport. She shares more about her passion for her role and what it is like to work in an exciting, ever-changing industry.

Ella Ozsanlav is a Sound Engineer at Timeline, c/o BT Sport. She shares more about how working as a runner is a great way to learn about the breadth of career opportunities across broadcasting engineering and technology.

Kirsty Elliot is a Camera Operator at Timeline. She shares how she turned a passion for TV into a successful career, working on fantastic projects around the world. She also highlights why new advances in technology make broadcasting such an exciting industry to work in.

Industry Partners

The success of Rise Up depends on the support and commitment from leading industry players. We are delighted to be working with the following industry partners:

Get involved

“This programme of work will only be successful, if there is a collective effort from across the industry. We are actively looking for more industry partners to commit to this vision of encouraging a new generation of talent to enter the sector.”

Carrie Wootten, Rise Director

If you’re as passionate about inspiring the next generation of broadcast engineering talent as we are, we’d love to hear from you! Contact Rise Director, Carrie Wootten about how you and your company can get involved in Rise Up.

Are you a parent, teacher or working at a school that would like to participate? Contact Rise Director, Carrie Wootten to find out more.