Rise Up Academy Safeguarding Procedures

Rise Up Academy is a new industry-led schools outreach concept, aiming to inspire and educate children about engineering and technology opportunities in the broadcast, media and entertainment industries.




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Rise Up Academy Statement

  • We want to ensure that every child involved in our Rise Up workshops and wider programme of activities is kept safe at all times.
  • We will work with each individual school in preparation for these workshops, to ensure the relevant safeguarding policies are in place and that all necessary actions happen to ensure each individual child’s wellbeing and safety.
  • The procedure below is a safeguarding procedural document to guide our industry representatives.

Rise Up Academy Procedures

  • All visits to schools will pre-arranged and organised through Carrie Wootten, Managing Director of Rise. No other person representing Rise will be in touch with a school to arrange a workshop, unless agreed with and introduced by Carrie Wootten via verbal or written notification.
  • On the point of arranging our workshops, we will confirm who the Designated
  • Safeguarding Lead (DSL), so we can refer to this individual if any information is disclosed by students.
  • All Rise representatives will report to reception first and not enter the school via any other entrance.
  • All Rise representatives will explain the purpose of their visit and who has been the main contact within the school. They will be ready to produce formal identification.
  • All Rise representatives will be asked to sign the visitors’ record book or equivalent such as an electronic recording system which may include a photograph being taken.
  • A visitor’s badge should be worn and displayed prominently at all times when in the school community.
  • Rise representatives should wait in the reception area until they are met by an appropriate member of staff to be escorted to their destination.
  • All Rise representatives should be accompanied by a member of staff at all times.
  • Rise representatives should never be alone with pupils/children at any time.
  • If Rise representatives find they are alone with pupils/children at any stage, they should report immediately to a member of staff or reception.
  • On departing the school, Rise representatives should leave via reception, sign out of the building, return their visitor badge and be seen to leave the premises.
  • No Rise representative will work with or attend an individual school on a regular basis.

Rise Up Academy representatives will:

  • Always prioritise the safety and wellbeing of the child at all times. Always remember they are children first, and participants in the workshop second.
  • Behave appropriately and use appropriate language at all times.
  • Always adhere to, uphold and follow any safeguarding policy of the education setting we are in.
  • Always act within professional boundaries – ensuring all contact with children is essential to the workshop.
  • Always use equipment provided through Rise and its suppliers – personal phones or cameras are not permitted and will not be visible to the children during their time in school.
  • Never give out personal contact details, or ‘friend’ or ‘follow’ children they have worked with on Rise Up Academy on any social media platforms.
  • Not assume sole responsibility for a child and only take on practical caring responsibilities such as taking a child to the toilet in an emergency. If a child needs care, the Rise representative will alert the teacher or representative from the school immediately.
  • Listen to and respect children at all times – they won’t patronise them and avoid favouritism.
  • Treat children and young people fairly and without prejudice, bias or discrimination.
  • If they observe children engaging in bullying behaviour or other behaviour that may put them at risk, they will report it to the teacher or school representative immediately.
  • If they have any concerns about the welfare of a child, is disclosed something by a child or feel someone is behaving inappropriately around children, will report it immediately to the teacher or school representative. They will be prepared to write a written statement if requested by the DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead).

Download a PDF copy of the Rise Up Safeguarding Procedures