Rise Up Academy


What is the Rise Up Academy?

The Rise Up Academy is an outreach programme delivering broadcast engineering and technical workshops to primary and secondary school children aged 11 through to 18 years old.

It’s intention is to inspire, educate and inform children and young adults about the pathways and career opportunities available to them within the broadcast technology industry.

Funded by BT Sport, ITV and Discovery, the programme delivers hands-on workshops where the children build a 4 camera studio and gallery, as well have access to webinars from multiple partners across the sector. In addition to this the Academy also provides a mentoring programme to 16-18 year olds and careers fairs.

The Academy is currently working with University Technical Colleges across England, from Hull through to Portsmouth, as well as primary schools geographically located in these areas.

The Academy’s ambition to ensure there is a more diverse workforce entering the industry at either 18 or 21 years old.

For more information, please contact admin@risewib.com.


Become a Rise Member

Membership to Rise is free and is open to everyone working across, or aspiring to work in, the broadcast and media technology sector.

As part of our community, you will be invited to all of our networking events / conferences / panels, as well as be asked to nominate your colleagues in our annual Rise Awards.

Each member is invited to apply for our annual Mentoring Programme and we are always looking for volunteers for our Rise Up Academy programme and for contributors to our reports too.

Please follow our social media channels for the most up to date and relevant news – we can’t wait to see you soon!