Jayne de Ville is the Marketing Manager for DPP. We caught up with her for our In Focus series, which highlights the work of inspirational women from across the sector.

Hi Jayne, it’s great to catch up with you. Could you give us an insight into your role at DPP?

I’m the Marketing Manager for the DPP. Sounds quite simple right? I’m in charge of marketing. But when you work in small company of just 10 people everyone takes on responsibilities outside of their standard remit. So, in addition to being responsible for defining and delivering the DPP’s marketing strategy and data analysis, owning the DPP brand, overseeing all of the DPP’s events, communications, PR, social media and web content, I’m also involved in developing relationships and partnerships with our (over 400!) member companies, suppliers and the wider industry, as well as helping to develop and sell sponsorship packages for our events and insight work.

What does a day in your working life look like?

I know it’s a cliché but no two days are ever the same. This week I’ve been catching up on hundreds of emails, finalising sponsorship deals for our Tech Leader’s Briefing in November, holding procurement meetings for a new supplier, continuing to onboard my amazing new Marketing Executive (Tori, a Rise mentee!), judging the Rise Awards, meeting new contacts at some of our member companies, designing and publishing our monthly magazine as well as planning some of our upcoming marketing activities. Next week could be entirely different. There’s very little time to sit still and think in my role so good prioritisation skills are essential to keep on top of the most urgent tasks.

How did you begin your career and what inspired you to look at jobs within the broadcast technology sector?

When I left university I was absolutely, definitely, never getting an office job! As a creative mind I couldn’t think of anything more boring than the standard 9-5. Long story short – I started out as a professional singer, dallied with international recruitment (not as boring as it sounds) and then found myself out of work. I started to think about the kinds of brands that I felt passionate about, which is how I found myself at the BBC. I then moved around the organisation until I found my spiritual home at the DPP, discovered that growing something from the ground up can be really satisfying, and that there’s definitely more than one kind of office job!

What are the main challenges facing the sector over the coming year?

One of the biggest challenges I can see is consolidation. As more and more companies get acquired and subsumed into larger organisations it can become difficult to find those agile, exciting, forward looking companies that can work on specific aspects of your supply chain. That’s why we’re always adding more of those kinds of companies to the DPP network of members so that we can bring together customers and suppliers to solve problems and create opportunities.

What are your main challenges over the coming year?

Without a doubt, helping to make the new two-day Tech Leaders’ Briefing twice the success of last year’s one day event is the most important goal I have for this year. Keeping all my stakeholders happy, even when they have conflicting priorities, is always important too. And to keep learning to be the best line manager I can, to enable my newest recruit to thrive, and to free up more of my time in the process, in order to keep growing the DPP brand. 

Thanks to Jayne for sharing more about her work. Your can find out more about the DPP by visiting its website.

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