In Focus: Caroline Ewerton

Caroline Ewerton is Head of Operational Delivery at DAZN. We caught up with her for our In Focus series, which highlights the work of inspirational women from across the sector.

Hi Caroline, great to catch up! Could you tell us more about your role

As Head of Operational Delivery at DAZN, my role is all about enabling process excellence and sustainable transformation. I’m responsible for the delivery of operational projects across all areas of the supply chain from content creation to distribution.

What does a day in your working life look like?

Currently I’m leading the development and deployment of a brand new, ground-breaking operating model across multiple territories. I work with a team of specialists and suppliers devising, implementing and supporting global workflows. My typical day involves a lot planning, measuring success and interacting with multiple teams to ensure all initiatives are moving forward efficiently and cohesively. The most fun part of my job is I get to regularly deliver new tools that improve the way people do their jobs and transforms the business as a whole. 

How did you begin your career and what inspired you to look at jobs within the broadcast technology sector?

I’m naturally curious and have always been interested in how things work and in the process of pulling it all together to generate an outcome. I began my career in post-production and moved onto managing operations across live, post and content services. An avid interest in innovative technology inspired me to transition to supporting media organisations in achieving the most operational benefits through technology implementation.

What are the main challenges facing the sector over the coming year?

Technology has been evolving at an incredible speed for quite some time now and to stay relevant in the supply chain, change needs to be part of the business as usual, embedded in the company culture. You have to be proactive in constantly reviewing your processes to increase speed to market, and your ability to widen and diversify your content offering so you can reach more customers, in wider markets and in the right regional flavour for each of these markets. And of course you also want to increase utilisation and reduce costs while doing all that. It’s an intensive task that requires ongoing assessment, investment and complete detachment from past achievements.

What are your main challenges over the coming year?

My focus for the coming year is to continue to roll-out virtualised and remote production services. Imagine true agile production where virtual technology allows for a pool of centralised resources to be accessible remotely and shared across multiple regions. We are aiming for a zero-waste utilisation target.

Thanks for sharing, Caroline!

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