About the Engineer Award

The Engineer Award, sponsored by Clear-com, will recognise a dynamic and innovative engineer, who represents the very best of our broadcasting profession. She is a high achiever, a problem solver and a team player. She should be an inspiration to her colleagues, the wider profession and also inspire others to follow in her footsteps.

What the judges will be reviewing

Formulation of resourceful, innovative and aesthetically appealing engineering solutions. Describe the way in which the nominee has taken a resourceful, innovative or entrepreneurial approach to solve engineering problems, developed elegant designs, and/or pursued ground-breaking research in broadcast.

Contribution to sustainable engineering practices. Provide details of how the nominee has considered sustainability (social, environmental and economic) in undertaking their engineering work.

Pioneering in the use of materials and/or approach. Describe the way in which the nominee has used materials or employed best practices or methods which are novel, innovative and creative.

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Engineer Award

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