Take the Rise/Caretta Research Diversity in Broadcast & Streaming Survey!

Rise and Caretta Research are conducting a global, industry-wide survey on diversity and inclusion in the broadcast and streaming industry. We are looking across the entire supply chain, from ingest to distribution, buyers and sellers.

We would like to invite you to take part. We have a hunch that diversity and inclusion is good with business – and we want to see if the data backs us up!

Please note that you will be asked personal questions about your experience, however please be assured that the data is collected and analysed anonymously.

You cannot manage what you cannot measure, so consider this a call to action and give us your opinion today.

What will happen with the information?

This survey, and your responses, will directly inform a future report to help identify and address barriers and starting a more transparent conversation about what our industry requires to enter our sector.

Take the survey

It’s quick easy to take this survey, which should take no more than 10 minutes of your time – and your responses will make a real difference to our work. So grab a cuppa and take the survey by clicking here by 30 April 2023.