With Jo Hind, BirdSoup

19 May | 10:00-11:30am

About this session

The workplace in 2020 is a really challenging place to be. With the outbreak of Covid-19 bringing uncertainty, coupled with the fact there are no longer jobs for life and unprecedented changes in terms of automation, job design and how long our working lives are. We’re facing an period of economic and political uncertainty, which can cause stress and anxiety.

A YouGov survey showed that 51% of full time UK employees said they had experienced anxiety or burnout at work, 1 in 5 days off are stress-related and UK productivity is lower than before the financial crash.

In this session, led by leadership and career consultant, Jo Hind (co-founder of BirdSoup), we’ll look at what individuals can do to improve their resilience at work. Jo will take us on an exploration of:

  • Why resilience is an good predictor of job performance & satisfaction, as well as psychological well being?
  • What factors are within your control? 
  • Why is resilience important in the workplace?
  • What resources do you have and where do you need to build?
  • What is your mindset and how can that affect your resilience?

We’ll look at some theory, as well as giving attendees practical tips and tools to help them counter stress and thrive rather than just survive when faced with uncertainty in the workplace.

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